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For private collaboration, please contact Tiffanee Brown for available dates. Private collaboration dates, available and already booked, are not listed on the website.


October 2020- Sold Out

February 2021- Sold Out

Upcoming Dates: April 2021

Designing Concept-Based Literacy Lessons

The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging the Power of Concepts in the Classroom for K-12 Literacy and World Language Teachers

“Designing Concept-Based Literacy Lessons: The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging the Power of Concepts in the Classroom for K-12 Literacy and World Language Teachers” is for educators like you who are looking for a literacy model that is more inquiry-driven and idea-centered.

Through highly practical and engaging professional learning that transforms theory into a regular part of classroom practice, educators are prepared to immediately apply the Concept-Based Literacy approach in their classrooms.

Learn More!

In this six-week online course, you will experience video modules, a book study, group coaching, and an individual coaching session to review the lesson you have designed.

Small group discounts and large group rates are available. Do you have an entire school that is interested? We may be able to run a private session of the course just for you! Inquire at

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October 13, 2020    

Concept-Based Literacy: Creating Multiple Pathways to Ignite Understanding and Transfer


90 Minute Virtual Workshop

How can concepts be leveraged to promote access, student choice, personal relevance and
transfer in a literacy classroom? Let's expand the core curriculum to foster emotional, social, and
cognitive engagement. In this hands-on inquiry based workshop, participants will think critically,
creatively, conceptually, and reflectively as we uncover important transferable understandings.
See why Concept-Based Literacy is one of the keys to designing rich, culturally sustaining learning
experiences in which authentic contexts and thinking become the catalyst to mastering literacy

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October 2020-September 2021   Online

Erickson and Lanning CBCI Certification Institute for Presenters and Trainers

Once a year Dr. H. Lynn Erickson, Dr. Lois A. Lanning, Rachel French and Tiffanee Brown certify a carefully selected group of teachers and educational leaders from around the world. We are now accepting registrations for the 2020-2021 Dr. H. Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois A. Lanning Certification Institute for Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainers. Visit the Professional Learning International website for more information.

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June 9, 11, and 16, 2020    Lethbridge, Canada

Concept-Based Literacy Lessons

It’s time to start lesson planning! This online workshop is a facilitated lesson planning experience with a combination of new learning and step-by-step lesson planning support. You will leave the session with a lesson plan started for your own classroom, and many other ideas for designing lessons that develop a deep understanding of literacy processes, cultivate student thinking, promote choice, and ultimately support learning transfer. 

This session is for educators in Alberta who have previously attended a Concept-Based Literacy workshop, or for educators that have thoroughly read Concept-Based Literacy Lessons: Designing Learning to Ignite Understanding and Transfer (Lanning and Brown, 2019).


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April 30, 2020    Lethbridge, Canada

Concept-Based Literacy Lessons

Moving student learning beyond practicing strategies and skills to deeper conceptual understandings develops disciplinary expertise and better enables students to transfer complex skills to new situations. We must cultivate readers, writers, speakers, and listeners who are confident transacting with any type of text they will encounter in the future, and who have the skill set needed to communicate their own ideas through platforms that we haven’t even dreamt yet.

In this hands-on inquiry based workshop, participants will experience Concept-Based Literacy in action while also learning effective tools for designing learning experiences that cultivate deep conceptual understanding and transfer.

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